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Dark Matter

Dark Matter

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Ahh tingly. A detox doesn’t have to be harsh. The peppermint and activated Charcoal featured in Dark Matter go above and beyond dissolving dirt and oil off the skin, and draws out toxins, chemicals, and other micro-particles. Our special blend includes Karelian Shungite a carbon based mineral sustainably sourced from Karelia, Russia and used for centuries for protection against EMF and negative energy. It is considered a grounding stone revered for its ability to reduce oxidative stress, and purify energy. This soap gets deeper than skin figuratively and literally–it can also be used as a shampoo bar.

AROMA: Minty fresh, cooling to the senses. 

COMPONENTS: Ghanaian shea butter, coconut oil*, extra virgin olive oil*, castor oil*, essential oils, peppermint eso, peppermint leaves, karelian shungite. 

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