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Pumpkin Belly Soap

Pumpkin Belly Soap

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This soap is warming in every sense, crafted with the intention of assisting you to remain well during the fall season. 

Scent:This soap smells sweet like cocoa butter, earthy and spicy ginger with notes of fragrant anise and floral nutmeg. 

🔥 Ginger is ruled by the planet Mars, it is fiery and worked with for its ability to warm our bodies. Often associated with money and success, this spicy rhizome has been known to reduce stagnation through its stimulative properties.

🔥 Nutmeg is ruled by the planet Jupiter and also represented by fire. It pairs well with star anise to welcome prosperity and abundance and is known to boost skin health by improving blood circulation and even support the immune system.

🌀 Star Anise, also known as Chinese anise, is ruled by Jupiter represented by the element of air. Similar to nutmeg this spice is known to welcome good fortune and even deepen intuition. It has been shown to ward off viruses, harmful bacteria, as well as fungus.

🎃 Kabocha Squash - consumed during fall months, considered nourishing for skin as it contains beta-cartone. 

🌏 Turmeric is a grounding herb, known for its purification properties, used to clarify the skin and even dark marks and scars.

Components: shea butter, coconut oil, organic olive oil, castor oil, ginger essential oil, nutmeg essential oil, kabocha squahs, cocoa butter, star anise. 

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