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Sol’s Salve

Sol’s Salve

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Sol's salve is inspired by Nile, my Sol, my sun. In his younger years Nile would get many scrapes and bruises and after much research I crafted this healing topical remedy. 

Eastern White Pine, also known as Grandfather Pine, is admired for its tall stature and can be identified by its fragrant green pine needles, organized in groups of 5, that glisten in the sunlight. This tree has been revered for generations as shelter, food, and medicine. 

Within this salve, the intention of the pine resin is assist your body and skin to fulfill its natural healing process. The pine resin has been shown to provide anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties. Its sticky texture provides a protective layer to the skin, which promotes healing. 

FOR USE: Apply to cuts, scrapes, dry or inflamed area.

TEXTURE: This salve has a thicker texture, almost like a balm, however it melts into the skin easily. 

AROMA: Fruity cocoa butter with earthy notes of pine. 

COMPONENTS: Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil, Wildcrafted Eastern White Pine Resin.


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